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Mystic Shell Protective Coat - Eye Love Hue Paint & Products

Mystic Shell Protective Coat

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Mystic Shell Protective Coat is an interior NON-YELLOWING, an environmentally safe topcoat that is super easy to use, extremely clear, and dries extremely hard.

It is scratch, chemical, and water-resistant. It self levels, has low odor, low V.O.C, and cleans up with water.

UV STABILIZED (Protects colors from fading)
Environmentally Friendly
Water Clean-Up
Scratch Resistant
Chemical & Moisture Resistant
Non - Yellowing
Non - Flammable
Non - Toxic
Low V.O.C
No Lingering Odors
Brushable and Sprayable
Five Year Shelf
Eye Love Hue® Mystic Shell Protective Coat can be applied by either brushing or spraying. (Recommended Sprayer: HVLP or Gravity Fed)

Use a good quality brush or a sponge wrapped with nylon.

The product will bond to prior coat so it is not necessary to sand between coats.

Mystic Shell Protective Coat can be used over bare wood, thoroughly dried oil or water-based stains, shellac, lacquer, polyurethane, and acrylic or chalk-style paints.

If re-coating over an old finish, clean and scuff sand first to remove any surface contaminants such as dirt, waxes or polishes.

3-5 coats are sufficient to produce a beautiful, protective finish. Use more if desired.

8 oz coverage is approximately 25-35 sq ft.

Dry time is usually 1 to 2 hours. Allow 2 to 4 hours before re-coating.

Do Not thin or clean with lacquer solvents or mineral spirits. Use soap and water for clean-up

V.O.C. is less than 1.4 lbs per gallon

Customer Reviews

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Christina Coy
Haven’t used it yet

Haven’t used it yet I’m now use the paint for the first time not finish with the project but I will be using it when I’m done

Stacey D.
Mystic Shell Satin

I love this topcoat. It is the perfect sheen - very slight gloss, self-levels beautifully and protects my furniture projects from west and tear.