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The Comparison Game

Creative Cog


I feel a little embarrassed to talk about this but maybe in some fashion you can relate.

I went to lunch with 2 of my paint besties the other day and we spent some quality time “catching up.” I always have such an amazing time with them and it is something I truly look forward to.

As I walked away, I found it almost impossible to NOT compare myself to these talented amazing women.

I’m sharing this story because this experience is so common, but most of us don’t admit it out loud. 

When we realize that we've started comparing ourselves to someone else, we start the downward spiral of feeling bad, and then even WORSE because then we judge ourselves for having those feelings at all!!

 You see how easy it is to plunge head first down the rabbit hole of compareshläger*?

So rather then pretending it doesn’t exist, let’s bring some light to it. Shame runs and hides when you say it out loud. 

We aren’t broken or bad because sometimes we compare ourselves, WE ARE HUMAN! 

With that in mind let’s talk about what I’ve learned that might help you too.

 I love my friends and fellow artists and want to see them succeed! Our society doesn’t have a passion for the arts or artists like it should in my opinion, so WE NEED all the successful artists stories we can get! If my fellow artists and friends are successful, that gives me the evidence or proof that I can be too! 

  • This sucky feeling only has to be temporary. I have a choice to either let their success raise the tide of my ship and help propel me on my journey or let it sink me and my dreams all together. Ultimately it’s my choice. 
  • My style, goals, dreams, purpose etc. are NOT identical to theirs. One of the things I love about all my friendships is diversity. We don’t all have the exact same likes and dislikes, goals, dreams and desires etc. What we do have for each other is inspiration, appreciation, acceptance of our unique weirdness and a purpose to pursue doing what sets our soul on fire no matter what.


Today have COMPASSION for yourself. You are amazing! You are valuable! You are loved!

You have awesome gifts to share with the world that are beyond comparison! There is only ONE you and NO ONE can deliver your gifts they way you can!

Please remember the incredible power you have that has the ability to effect change.

I am grateful for the -incomparable- gift that is you! Thank you for being part of my journey! 


Have a Paintastic day,

Kelly 🖌


PS, If you can relate, let me know. Sometimes letting go feels really good.