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Matcha Latte Color Inspiration

Color Palette Inspiration

Today's color palette inspiration was created using @mystory_in_pictures Instagram® photo and features cool colors that are both inviting and calming. She has some beautiful photography I would encourage you to check out.

Matcha Latte Image by: @mystory_in_pictures

Matcha Latte

Image by: IG @mystory_in_pictures


Similar Eye Love Hue Paint Colors
Teal Magnolia
Grey 51
*Indian Jewel
Urban Blue
Missing Hue
Olive Hue

*Indian Jewel is a new color I am playing with.
Let me know if you think I should add it to the line.


Furniture Artist Inspiration

Below you will find some furniture artist inspirations coordinating with this weeks color palette. Each one can be reached through Facebook and I'm sure would appreciate some likes and follows to their pages. If you are interested in possibly being featured send me a message through social media or via email.

Junkin Jones Gang - Spring Street Style - Bella Renovare Furniture Artist Inspiration

Scenic Route - KT Lyons Design - Crazy Brush Designs Furniture Artist Inspirations

Sometimes a beautiful piece with an amazing pop of color is all you need to pull the cohesiveness of design together and give it some personality?
Are you bold enough to use functional art to decorate with or do you prefer using wall art and accessories to add your pop of color?
Restored4U furniture pop of color by Ildiko Horvath

Home Inspiration

Teal, gray, turquoise, navy, white and pale olive green wasn't an easy color combination to find online. Thank goodness for Pinterest 

From a design perspective, I love the elegant yet inviting, well-designed feel of this space. Does this space inspire you to branch out and use color in ways you may not have thought of before?

Teal, Gray, Turquoise, Navy, White, Pale Olive Colors create this beautiful space

Maybe a bolder contrast of navy blues mixed with white and touches of teal,  gray and olive green is more of a look you prefer. I personally love the color combination and how it creates a dramatic effect in the following living room. 

Navy Blue, White, Teal, Gray, Olive Green

In this next photo, the room is white. The rug anchors the room and highlights the featured colors of our Matcha Latte Color Palette. I believe that was the inspiration for staging this room. The art draws the eye upward and ties the room together visually. To make this space perfect for our color palette we would need to add that pop of turquoise in a pillow, throw blanket or accessory item.

White Room with teal, gray, olive, navy accents

What inspirations do you use to select the colors you chose to design your creations or decorate your spaces with?

I found this wallpaper image on Pinterest and feel it exemplifies a great inspirational piece using this week's Matcha Latte color palette. 

Patterned Feathers White, Teal, Gray, Navy, Turquoise, Olive Green
Mood boards are a great way to visually pull your thoughts for design together. This mood board features our current color palette. Even though most of these items are no longer available it showcases a method by which a room design could easily be planned and executed.
Creating a board like this, listing the things you love and where they can be purchased, is an amazing way to not only put a plan of design in place but also help keep you on track for staying within your design budget & help others visualize your design goals. 
Room Mood Board for the Colors Teal, Gray, Turquoise, Navy, White, Pale Olive Green
I have put together an exclusive Matcha Latte Color Palette Paint Set with the following Eye Love Hue colors: Teal Magnolia, Grey 51, Indian Jewel, Urban Blue, Missing Hue, and Olive Hue. Click the photo below to order yours today.
Eye Love Hue Paint Colors Urban Blue, Olive Hue, Indian Jewel, Grey 51, Teal Magnolia
I hope the rest of your week is filled with inspiring color and visually exciting creation. I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations from mood boards, website designs, branding, furniture painting and art of any kind. 
Let your imagination become your realization,
Kelly Huskins (Whimsykel)